Gem News International Spring 1988, Volume 24, No. 1

Spring 1988 Gem News International

Tucson ‘88
            Beryl: Theme Mineral; Many Fine Specimens
            Carvings: Gemstone Carving in Full Swing
            Charoite: Rough from USSR
            Chrysoberyl: Small Alexandrites; Cat’s-Eye from Zimbabwe
            Corundum: “Hot Pink” Sapphires and Star Sapphires
            Garnet: Fine Large Tsavorites
            Scapolite: Translucent Pink Cat’s-Eyes
            Sillimanite: Gem-Quality from Sri Lanka
            Synthetics, Imitations, Treatments: Many Varieties
            Tourmaline: Faceted Bi-Color from Nigeria
            Zircon: Heat-Treated Blue from Kampuchea (Cambodia)
Colored Stones
            Inclusions Identified in New Brazilian Alexandrites
            Synthetic Diamond Thin Films
            Synthetic Red Chrysoberyl
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