Resources for Teachers

Ignite a love for minerals and gems in youngsters with the GemKids Program™ – a dazzling introduction to gemology made up of free downloadable presentations. The GemKids Program is invaluable for educators and anyone else who wants to share this fascinating world – in or out of the classroom. An a la carte menu feature lets you select learning materials relevant to your audience. 

Students working with GemKids materials.
GemKids for Schools: Educator Guide

AGE: 3rd to 5th Graders
TIME: 4 lessons, approx. 60 minutes each

This Educator Guide uses the study of gems to reveal the intimate connection among nature, human industry, arts, and culture.  Fifty-four pages in length, it provides teachers with hands-on, inquiry-based activity guidelines, pacing recommendations, assessments, and even culminating project ideas.


GemKids Earth Science
Earth Science-What is a Diamond?

AGE: 9 and up
TIME: 30-45 minutes (presentation and activity)

Diamonds captivate. They are the hardest natural material on earth, form under extreme conditions and can be up to 3.5 billion years old. They’re also prized for their beauty. Now you can share their magic.

A gemstone sample is correctly oriented so that Raman spectrum data can be collected.
Gem & Jewelry Careers

AGE: 9 and up
TIME: 30-45 minutes (presentation and activity)

A world of exciting careers awaits in the gem and jewelry industry: appraiser, bench jeweler, field gemologist, retailer, photographer, teacher and more. All throughout the gem industry, motivated individuals are enjoying successful careers.


Birthstones of the Year

AGE: 9 and up
TIME: 15-30 minutes (presentation and activity)

GIA offers children a fun way to supplement earth science lessons while they learn the fun facts behind each birthstone via this colorful presentation on gemstones.