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GIA Laboratory Client Agreement

Familiarize Yourself with the Terms before Signing the Document Online

To open a new GIA Laboratory Service Account or to keep your existing account current, you’ll need to provide a signed, up-to-date GIA Laboratory Client Agreement. A signed agreement is required before you can submit materials to us or pick up serviced items from our laboratories.

When you apply for an account or when you update your existing account, you’ll be asked to review and sign the client agreement via DocuSign. The document must be signed and submitted via DocuSign, as GIA no longer accepts paper agreements.

To make it easier for you to review the agreement prior to signing, below please find links to sample agreements in various languages. These agreements are sample documents for your convenience only. Do not sign and return these samples to GIA.

Client Agreement - Chinese Sample
Client Agreement - Dutch Sample
Client Agreement - English Sample
Client Agreement - French Sample
Client Agreement - Gujarati Sample
Client Agreement - Japanese Sample
Client Agreement - Thai Sample