Trade Show

Sparkle International Gem & Jewellery Exhibition 2018

Sparkle International 2018 is organized in Surat, the world's hub of diamond cutting and polishing. It is the largest B2B gem and jewellery exhibition and attracts international delegations from across the globe.

Be sure to visit GIA’s Booth 205. Now with a local laboratory in Surat, GIA can offer you convenient diamond and colored stone services. Ask about what is offered in the way of gemology lab and jewelry design classes, as well as trade education seminars, retail sales associate training and consumer education seminars.

A demonstration of the GIA iD100™ Gem Testing Device will be available at the booth. This sophisticated and easy-to-operate desktop instrument can distinguish natural diamonds from laboratory-grown and treated (HPHT and CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants. The iD100 is ideal for retailers and manufacturers who want to easily screen loose or mounted stones.

For More Information

Check information online at GIA in Mumbia, India.