108th Gemstone Gathering on Colored Stone Faceting

The 108th Gemstone Gathering will feature a presentation by Justin K. Prim, gem cutter, author and lapidary instructor. The talk explores the history of colored stone cutting in Europe and beyond. Beginning in the 1400’s and continuing on a visual journey through modern times, this presentation includes many images and videos showing faceted stones in jewelry at various points throughout history. It includes the development of techniques and machinery through the ages. 
Also see how the gem-cutting craft has evolved, influenced by the artistic and technological trends of the times from the Renaissance, to Victorian and to the Modern Era, from table cut to concave faceting. Follow the journey of the faceting machine as it migrates and evolves from Bohemia to Germany, then France and finally to Thailand.
About Justin K. Prim
Justin K. Prim is an American gem cutter, author and faceting instructor living in  Bangkok, Thailand. He has been cutting gemstones since 2013 and has trained as a lapidary artist in the United States, Thailand and Sri Lanka. He has also trained in the Swiss style.

To add to his work as a gem cutter, he attended gemology programs at GIA and AIGS. Justin is currently working on a book about the regional histories of colored stone faceting and regularly travels around the world researching lapidary history.

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