The New GIA App

The New GIA App

The new GIA App contains a wealth of diamond resources, including 4Cs interactive tools, expert articles and videos, and GIA reports. When paired with the GIA Match iD™ instrument, the GIA App powers inscription matching to verify whether your diamond comes with an authorized GIA diamond report. With all GIA reports going digital by 2025, the GIA App is your new hub for diamond reports and knowledge.

Available in English.

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Are You Shopping for Diamonds?


  • 4Cs Interactive Tools: Use sliding scales to compare Color, Clarity and Cut grades and to visualize Carat weight.
  • Diamond-Buying Tips: Learn how to buy diamonds with our 4Cs blog articles. Know the difference between laboratory-grown and natural diamonds, and discover diamond ring lore.
  • Save and Send GIA Reports: Name and save your GIA diamond reports. Drop someone a hint by sending your list!
  • GIA Retailer Lookup: Find local retailers that offer GIA-graded diamonds or have GIA-trained staff.

 Do You Sell Diamonds?


  • Point-of-Sale Tools: Use 4Cs sliding scales to help clients understand Color, Clarity and Cut grades and to visualize Carat weight.
  • 4Cs Blog Articles: Brush up on diamond knowledge such as fluorescence and diamond treatments. Romance clients with diamond lore and refer them to our blog for diamond-buying tips.
  • Report Check: View, save and send GIA diamond reports with ease. Name your reports to keep them organized.
  • Inscription Matching: Connect to a GIA Match iD instrument to match your diamond to its authorized GIA diamond report. Once matched, the report will appear on the GIA App and can be saved and sent.
  • GIA Resources: Boost your business with our services. Sign up for our Retailer Lookup to attract local clients looking for GIA-graded diamonds. Need to have a diamond graded? Open a lab account right in the app.


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