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Washington D.C. Chapter: Tsavorite — Its History presented by James Walker

21.48 ct tsavorite garnet. Courtesy Bruce Bridges.

Presenter: James Walker
Join the Washington D.C. Chapter and James Walker for a compelling first-hand account of the history of the discovery of Tsavorite by the Bridges Family and what it was like to work for Campbell Bridges. This presentation will also highlight the ethical sourcing aspect of the Bridges family operation. 
James Walker worked for nearly 20 years for Campbell Bridges who discovered and mined Tsavorite with his son Bruce Bridges in Kenya. After Campbell’s murder in 2009, Walker stayed in Africa to fight for bringing those responsible for the murder to justice and to keep the mine open. In 2014, James left Kenya for a position in the Mine Safety Health Administration inspecting mines in Northeast Africa.


Admission is free. Please visit the chapter's website for a link to the Zoom meeting. No advance registration required.

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