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London Chapter: A Portrait of Jewels - Following Missing Treasures Through Canvas

Portrait of Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) The Armada Portrait 1600c.

Presenter: Andrew Prince

Join us for a fascinating jewel hunt with Andrew Prince and discover the fine jewels worn by royalty.
Among the many jewels he traces, Prince will follow ropes of pearls that belonged to Catherine de Medici, Mary Queen of Scotts, Elizabeth the First and now Queen Elizabeth II. He will also trace a spectacular diamond that belonged to King Charles the First, was later worn by Marie Antoinette, was stolen and purchased by a Russian Aristocrat and later mounted in a tiara by Cartier for an American Heiress, who then became a British Member of Parliament.

Prince was inspired to produce this talk after visiting the National Portrait Gallery and seeing all the Tudor and the Stuart monarchs, dressed in their finery, and wondered what all the jewels were and where they had gone.

Andrew Prince is a popular lecturer and jewelry designer who has designed jewelry for museums, television and film. He has spoken about jewelry history and fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Christies Auction House, The Jewellery Historian Society and The Hillwood House, and many other places.


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