Designer shares her jewellery inspirations

Paula Crevoshay
Jewellery Designer
Interview with Paula Crevoshay, Jewellery Designer
Paula Crevoshay’s one-woman exhibition of her jewellery designs at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh speaks for her esteemed status in the jewellery world. In this GIA exclusive interview recorded at the 2013 Tucson Gem Show, she speaks for herself and her art in eloquent and compelling detail.

Her exhibition (and companion book), Garden of Light, puts her creations on full, colourful display, and here in the video she talks about her creative process. Holding a dazzling jewelled butterfly, she explains how she most often begins with a centre stone: in this case a raw natural pearl. She meditates on it until a vision begins to take shape and form in her mind. Then she begins to incorporate stones that match in sheen and lustre and maximise play of colour. Crevoshay is proud to wear the crown of “Queen of Colour” that admirers in the jewellery industry have attributed to her. It fits, she says, because from the beginning of her career she saw herself as a painter who uses gemstones for her colour palette.

Although much the self-described dreamer, Crevoshay is not without her practical side. She relies on such scientific gemmological elements as refractive index and Mohs’ scale in making her fanciful choices. And she is not above substituting, say, a chrome oxide for an emerald in order to make an item more price-friendly for a client.

Still, in the end, Paula Crevoshay is an artist, and holds to the artist’s creed that the most important thing in pursuing a vision is to keep it true to yourself and distinctive from all others.

Paula Crevoshay is a world-renowned designer who is driven by an uncompromising passion for her work. She has been dubbed the “Queen of Colour” by the trade press. In these interviews, she conveys her philosophy of jewellery design and her sources of inspiration. She also describes some of her own magnificent pieces in detail.