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Sunstone’s phenomenal varieties show a distinct and lively glitter called aventurescence.

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Tiny copper platelets can cause the prized red hue in Oregon sunstone.

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Colour zones

Some sunstones exhibit attractive colour zoning.

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Matte finish

Matte-finish facets can provide an interesting and attractive contrast.

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Sunstone’s glittery sparkle shows up even in its rough form.

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Some sunstone rough displays interesting zoned colours.

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Desert sun

The Ponderosa mine produces many lovely specimens like this one.

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Buyer's Guide

Today’s sunstone market is a diverse one, consisting of upscale jewellery designers, collectors, gem carvers, and tourists to the Oregon desert seeking a precious all-American souvenir.


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What to look for

Colour is the Most Important Sunstone Quality Factor.

Top-colour deep green, deep red, and intense bicoloured sunstones are considered extra-fine quality. Red sunstone is often marketed as “spinel red.” Its vivid hue - if not its hardness - rivals spinel and even ruby.

Clarity Factors for Sunstone Include Helpful Inclusions.

All Oregon sunstones have an extra sheen that’s caused by copper inclusions, even if the inclusions aren’t large enough to create actual aventurescence.

Cut is an Important Contributor to Sunstone Appearance.

Sunstone is cut into a variety of shapes. It’s a popular material for cut designers to fashion into unique creations. Sunstone is also popular with gemstone carvers.

Carat Weight of Sunstone Covers a Wide Range.

Sunstones under one carat are often cut in calibrated sizes to fit standard jewellery mountings. Large faceted stones are uncommon, but gem carvers often use non-facet-grade material for unique creations.

Sunstone Quality Factors: The Comprehensive Guide