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A row of various shaped cut and polished pink diamonds.
Why are Pink Diamonds Pink? GIA Researchers Dive Deep into their Crystal Structure

GIA researchers analysed more than 90,000 natural pink diamonds to better understand how these rare and beautiful diamonds formed and got their colour.

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On the left is a 5.26 ct Fancy deep blue heart shape HPHT synthetic diamond. On the right is a 5.27 ct Fancy deep blue emerald cut HPHT synthetic diamonds.
The Latest on Synthetic Diamonds

Dr James Shigley, GIA distinguished research fellow, is one of the foremost experts in diamonds and their identification. In this presentation recorded at the 2017 JCK Las Vegas show, he shares the latest developments about HPHT and CVD synthetic diamond

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Four types of heated Baltic amber
Experimental Studies on the Heat Treatment of Baltic Amber

Amber samples were heat-treated, using various procedures and parameters, in an effort to reproduce materials found in the jewellery market.

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