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Plastic bead with visible fragments of coral.
Coral Inclusions in Plastic

An orangey-red plastic bead is revealed to be a composite when white coral fragments are identified by spectroscopy and gemmological properties.

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Rock crystal coated with brown skin.
Coated Rock Crystal Imitation of Ruby

A coated rough rock crystal resembles a purplish red ruby.

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Olive-green serpentine cabochon.
Serpentine Cabochon with Unusual Olive Green Colour

A green cabochon from China resembling jadeite is found to be antigorite, a member of the serpentine group.

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This 1.04 ct black submetallic round brilliant, initially represented as diamond, was identified as boron carbide. Photo by G. Choudhary.
Boron Carbide: A New Imitation of Black Diamond

The Gem Testing Laboratory in Jaipur identified a black diamond-like specimen as boron carbide, a ceramic material typically used in nuclear, military, and aerospace applications.

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IMG-FA13-GNI 154373 300x169
Amber with Insect-Bearing Filling

Natural amber beads were found to have been filled with plastic and a variety of insects.

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