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Emeralds from the Ural Mountains, USSR
Emeralds from the Ural Mountains, USSR

Emeralds are again being mined in the historic district of the Ural Mountains. Physical, chemical, spectroscopic and microscopic characteristics of stones from the recent production are presented and compared with data on older samples as well as those reported in the literature.

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The Lennix Synthetic Emerald

An examination of the gemmological properties of a French flux fusion-grown synthetic emerald.

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The Chromium Content of Lechleitner Synthetic Emerald Overgrowth

The higher the chromium content in synthetic emerald overgrowth, the darker the coating and appearance of the stone will be.

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Gemstones of Pakistan: Emerald, Ruby and Spinel

This article reports on three gem materials currently being mined in Pakistan.

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Classifying Emerald Clarity Enhancement at the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory

One of the greatest concerns with emerald filling is the degree of clarity enhancement such treatment represents

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