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Aquamarine from San Luis Potosí State in northern Mexico
Aquamarine from a New Primary Deposit in Mexico

Examination of aquamarine samples from a new primary deposit in San Luis Potosí, northern Mexico.

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Demantoid from Veracruz State, Mexico
Mexican Demantoid from New Deposits

Skarn deposits in the Veracruz state of Mexico yield new demantoid material.

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Petrified wood carvings and cabochons.
Thai-Myanmar Petrified Woods

The properties of petrified woods originating from various localities in Thailand and Myanmar are examined.

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First Discovery of Topazolite in Mexico

Reports on the first discovery of fine topazolite garnet crystals in Mexico.

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Pipi pearls from French Polynesia
Natural Pipi Pearls from Tahiti

An overview of natural "pipi" pearls from French Polynesia.

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Four images of ruby from India
Indian Ruby Mining

An overview of ruby mining in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

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Gem-quality Indian kyanites
Gem-Quality Cr-Rich Kyanite from India

India is emerging as a source of gem-quality kyanite.

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Ancient Tourmaline and Beryl from Afghanistan

Examination of a large private collection of beads and carvings from antique excavations, assembled in the 1970s by a collector in Afghanistan.

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G&G Gem News

This is where G&G's Gem News is found.

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