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A Survey of the Gemstone Resources of China

China has identified many deposits with significant potential to produce gemstones; various species are discussed.

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Peridot as an Interplanetary Gemstone

The stony-iron meteorites known as pallasites are famed for the areas of yellowish green olivines they contain.

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San Carlos Peridot

Marketed throughout the world, San Carlos material is often confused with, and sold as, peridot from localities that are better known and documented.

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Creation of a Magnificent Suite of Peridot Jewellery
The Creation of a Magnificent Suite of Peridot Jewellery: From the Himalayas to Fifth Avenue

This peridot article chronicles the creation of a fine suite of peridot jewellery from the mine in the Himalayas to the manufacture of the necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings.

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The Gemmological Characteristics of Chinese Peridot

Chinese peridot is similar to peridots from other localities.

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Kilbourne Hole Peridot

This little-known source of gem-quality peridot, located in southwestern New Mexico, produces small but brilliant gems.

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Zabargad: The Ancient Peridot Island in The Red Sea

Reflecting on his 1980 visit to Zabargad, the author writes on this relatively unknown island and the beautiful peridots for which it has gained fame.

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"Modern" Jewellery: Retro to Abstract

A review of mid-20th century jewellery styles.

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