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Zircon History and Lore

Many people have heard of zircon but never seen it. This is mostly because of colourless zircon’s wide use as a diamond simulant in the early 1900s.

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Short-wave UV exposure’s effect on zircon colour
Tenebrescent Zircon

Colour modification is observed in a reddish orange zircon at the Bangkok laboratory.

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Zircon from the Harts Range, Northern Territory, Australia

Gem-quality zircon from a relatively underdeveloped locality in the Harts Range of central Australia is described.

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The Elahera Gem Field in Central Sri Lanka

The Elahera gem field currently provides approximately 35% of the gemstones exported from Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka: The Gem Island

An overview of the many types of gem-quality material, and its inclusions, currently found in Sri Lanka.

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