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Fancy Dark brown to Fancy black Marange diamonds
Black Diamonds from Marange (Zimbabwe): A Result of Natural Irradiation and Graphite Inclusions

Characterises a suite of 40 natural brown to black diamonds from this deposit so that they can be distinguished from suspected treated black diamonds.

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Recently discovered and legendary diamonds in the blue/gray/violet color range
Natural-Colour Blue, Grey and Violet Diamonds: Allure of the Deep

Summarises data collected on more than 15,000 natural blue/grey/violet diamonds examined by GIA during the last decade and examines the mechanisms that produce this colour range.

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Nanocut Plasmaetched Diamonds
Cutting Diffraction Gratings to Improve Dispersion (“Fire”) in Diamonds

A new microlithography process developed to create high-resolution diffraction grating patterns on portions of certain facets can improve the dispersion of light and thus the amount of “fire” in a diamond.

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A Foundation for Grading the Overall Cut Quality of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The GIA diamond cut grading system described here includes the components of brightness, fire, scintillation, polish and symmetry, as well as weight and durability concerns, into a single overall grade for cut quality for standard round brilliants.

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Faceted CVD Synthetic Diamonds
CVD Synthetic Diamonds from Gemesis Corp

An examination of the gemmological and spectroscopic properties of CVD synthetic diamonds from Gemesis Corp.

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Coloured Diamonds in the Aurora Butterfly of Peace Collection
The “Type” Classification System of Diamonds and Its Importance in Gemmology

Knowledge of type allows gemmologists to better evaluate if a diamond might be treated or synthetic, and whether it should be sent to a laboratory for testing.

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Whitish Graining with an Amorphous Appearance
The Impact of Internal Whitish And Reflective Graining on the Clarity Grading of D-To-Z Colour Diamonds at the GIA Laboratory

This article reviews the GIA Laboratory’s history of reporting on certain types of graining which are often the only characteristics present in large, high-clarity, high-colour diamonds.

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An Examination of Four Important Gems

Several famous and historical gemstones in the Smithsonian's collection are examined and reported on.

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GIA’s Symmetry Grading Boundaries for Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

A presentation of parameters used to support GIA's symmetry grading system.

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Colour Grading “D-to-Z” Diamonds at the GIA Laboratory

This article discusses the history and ongoing development of GIA's colour grading system, and explains how its laboratory applies it.

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