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Large, fine-colour tanzanites
Natural-Colour Tanzanite and Yellow Sapphire – Tucson 2014

Fine unheated tanzanite, untreated yellow sapphire and heated pink zircon on display at GJX in Tucson.

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IMG - WN13 GNI 157786 300x169
“Gran Dama” brooch featuring large Melo pearl

The centrepiece of this brooch is a 98.67 ct Melo pearl, believed to be one of the world's largest.

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Quartz disk jewellery
Innovative Optical Effects, Unique Rings with Raw Crystals – Tucson 2014

Rings featuring "wheels of light", generated by coloured gem materials and sealed with quartz, were on display at the 2014 GJX show in Tucson.

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Red beryl matched suite necklace
Red Beryl – Tucson 2014

Red beryl, mined from Utah and displayed in both loose form and in suites of jewellery, was seen at the AGTA show in Tucson.

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Emerald crystal with multi-phase inclusion
More of the Interesting and Unusual – Tucson 2014

Alluring finds at the 2014 gem shows in Tucson.

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Gem inventory at Tucson
Tucson 2015

A summary of the findings at Tucson’s 2015 gem shows.

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