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Three smaller cameos show the progression of craving a cameo from rough shell. They sit in sand alongside a shell with a fully carved cameo on it.
Cameos: Timeless, Miniature Carvings for Jewellery Lovers

The rich history and lore of cameos make them a fascinating avenue into the world of collecting for history, mythology and jewellery buffs.

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A flower is one of nature’s most delicate and beautiful creations. It’s fitting that jewelry designers have been spellbound by its charm.
Jewellery that Speaks the Language of Flowers

A flower is one of nature’s most delicate delights, so it’s natural that jewellery designers have long found inspiration in them, seeking to capture their fleeting beauty in jewellery.

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Combine emeralds and gold with the sophisticated design of Cartier and voilà − earrings of timeless beauty. Courtesy of a private collector. Photo by Tino Hammid/Copyright GIA and Tino Hammid
Leaf Motifs: Timeless Beauty for All Seasons of Jewellery

The humble leaf has captivated jewellery designers for centuries and they’ve transformed it into enduring pieces of beautiful jewellery.

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