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Revolution in Diamond Cutting: Laser Sawing of Diamond Crystals

This article describes the components and operation of the laser saw and its usefulness in diamond cutting.

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The round brilliant is the most popular diamond cut. Because of its popularity, assessment of this cut has been the subject of considerable research. Courtesy of Harold & Erica Van Pelt.
Diamond Cut: The Wow Factor

Learn the basics of the GIA Cut Grading System for round brilliant cut diamonds to help pick out your perfect diamond.

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Buff-Top Round Diamond

The New York lab recently examined several diamonds with an interesting variation on the cabochon.

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Modern Diamond Cutting and Polishing

Over the last 25 years, the diamond-cutting industry worldwide has been revolutionised by sophisticated instruments that provide invaluable aid in the process of creating a polished gem.

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Assessed Proportions 300x169
Diamond Cut: Anatomy of a Round Brilliant

Jewellers and gemmologists use a specific set of terms to describe parts of a polished diamond. Certain measurements of the shape or proportions ultimately have an affect on the round brilliant diamond’s cut grade.

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This colourless diamond slice, approximately 21 x 17 x 3 mm, shows an attractive pattern of inclusions. The diamond was offered for sale at the Hong Kong Watch & Jewellery Show in September. Courtesy of Dynamic International. Photo by Russell Shor.
Diamonds: A Slice off the
Old Rough

Thinly sliced sections of large, highly included rough are emerging on the diamond market, with several US designers incorporating the slabs of unique designs and shapes into their collections.

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Legal Protection for Proprietary Diamond Cuts

Considerable confusion exists in the trade about the important differences between trademarks and patents.

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A diagram uses four rulers to show how color, clarity, cut and carat weight are measured.
Diamond Quality: A Short History of the 4Cs

You’ve heard about the 4Cs of diamond quality (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight). But how did they become so well-known? Here’s a little diamond history.

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Nanocut Plasmaetched Diamonds
Cutting Diffraction Gratings to Improve Dispersion (“Fire”) in Diamonds

A new microlithography process developed to create high-resolution diffraction grating patterns on portions of certain facets can improve the dispersion of light and thus the amount of “fire” in a diamond.

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Diamond Polish and Symmetry: Guide to GIA Terminology and Abbreviations

Every GIA diamond grading report contains an assessment of a diamond’s polish and symmetry, which are contributing factors in determining the overall quality of a diamond’s finish. This guide explains each polish and symmetry feature, along with their abbreviations and the possible locations of polish features on the diamond.

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