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0.45 ct Pink CVD Labgrown Diamond
Strongly Coloured Pink CVD Lab-Grown Diamonds

Pink CVD lab-grown products can be separated from natural and treated-colour natural pink diamonds by a combination of gemmological and spectroscopic properties, which are explored in this study.

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GemCad View of the French Blue Enclosed Within the Tavernier Blue
A Crystallographic Analysis of the Tavernier Blue Diamond

This study uses both historical information and modern data to create a computer model of the Tavernier Blue, orienting the finished diamond within the original diamond crystal.

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Coloured Diamonds in the Aurora Butterfly of Peace Collection
The “Type” Classification System of Diamonds and Its Importance in Gemmology

Knowledge of type allows gemmologists to better evaluate if a diamond might be treated or synthetic, and whether it should be sent to a laboratory for testing.

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Computer Rendering of the “French Blue” Diamond
The French Blue and the Hope: New Data from the Discovery of a Historical Lead Cast

With the use of modern tools and technology, this article sheds light on the history and provenance of both the French Blue and the Hope diamonds.

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The Wittelsbach Blue

This article describes what is known about the Wittelsbach Blue since it was first reported in 1666, and the gemmological information released to date on this diamond.

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Characterisation and Grading of Natural-Colour Yellow Diamonds

A large number of natural-colour yellow diamonds are analysed using grading and appearance aspects among other characteristics to clarify the differences between them and the light yellow diamonds associated with GIA's D-to-Z colour grading scale.

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Coated Pink Diamond — A Cautionary Tale

The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) Research Centre had the opportunity to examine a diamond that, on submission to a commercial gem laboratory, turned out to be a coated pink diamond.

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Treated-Colour Pink-To-Red Diamonds from Lucent Diamonds Inc.

Using a multi-step process, Lucent Diamonds has developed a new treatment process for certain natural diamonds that creates colours from pink-purple to red to orangey brown.

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Lab-Grown Coloured Diamonds from Chatham Created Gems

This article compares some of Chatham Created Gems’ synthetic coloured diamonds to natural diamonds and explains the results.

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An Investigation into the Cause of Colour in Natural Black Diamonds from Siberia

Black and dark grey diamonds from Siberia, Russia, were studied by analytical scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

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