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Optical defects in diamond: a quick reference chart

A simple chart of optical defects in diamond, including those that produce colouration and fluorescence colours.

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Lab-Grown Coloured Diamonds from Chatham Created Gems

This article compares some of Chatham Created Gems’ synthetic coloured diamonds to natural diamonds and explains the results.

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Diamond with High Concentration of Nickel

Analysis of Fancy Light greenish yellow diamond leads to detection of nickel, as well as an inclusion that gives a colour-change effect.

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Coloured Diamonds in the Aurora Butterfly of Peace Collection
The “Type” Classification System of Diamonds and Its Importance in Gemmology

Knowledge of type allows gemmologists to better evaluate if a diamond might be treated or synthetic, and whether it should be sent to a laboratory for testing.

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Fluorescence produced by optical defects in diamond: measurement, characterisation and challenges

How variations in UV lamp output can affect observed fluorescence colour and intensity.

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Natural Mixed Cape Diamond
Mixed-Type Cape Diamond

A Fancy orangey-yellow “cape” diamond featured an unexpected 480 nm band, a defect normally associated with orange colour.

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G-G Spring 2015
Spring 2015 G&G Examines Blue Spinel, Chinese Jewellery Design and the Latest in Synthetics

G&G Brief presents an overview of the content of the Spring 2015 issue of Gems & Gemology.

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A face-up view of a cushion cut diamond with blue color.
Gems & Gemology’s 7 Most Unusual Encounters from 2019

Check out some of the most interesting and unusual diamonds and coloured stones submitted to GIA’s laboratories in 2019.

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