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A face-up view of a cushion cut diamond with blue color.
Gems & Gemology’s 7 Most Unusual Encounters from 2019

Check out some of the most interesting and unusual diamonds and coloured stones submitted to GIA’s laboratories in 2019.

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A row of various shaped cut and polished pink diamonds.
Why are Pink Diamonds Pink? GIA Researchers Dive Deep into their Crystal Structure

GIA researchers analysed more than 90,000 natural pink diamonds to better understand how these rare and beautiful diamonds formed and got their colour.

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The entrance to the GemGenève show featured a large graphic wall.
Trade Hopes for a Bright 2019 Vegas Show

All eyes are on the upcoming jewellery sales events in the US – the Luxury and JCK shows in Las Vegas – as business slows down in other parts of the world.

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G-G Spring 2015
Spring 2015 G&G Examines Blue Spinel, Chinese Jewellery Design and the Latest in Synthetics

G&G Brief presents an overview of the content of the Spring 2015 issue of Gems & Gemology.

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1.50 ct Fancy Dark grey CVD synthetic diamond
Two Fancy Dark Grey CVD Synthetic Diamonds

Examination of two CVD synthetic diamonds with an unusual Fancy Dark grey colour.

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Fancy-Coloured Diamonds
Diamond, Artificially Irradiated and Coated Brown

Examination of a diamond with a rare and highly sought-after Fancy reddish brown colour revealed that it had been irradiated and coated.

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IMG - WN13 LN 157451 300x169
Black diamond with unusual colour origin

This black diamond's colour was produced by natural radiation stains, an unusual cause of colour.

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IMG-FA13-LN 154332 300x169
Diamond with High Concentration of Nickel

Analysis of Fancy Light greenish yellow diamond leads to detection of nickel, as well as an inclusion that gives a colour-change effect.

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Coloured Diamonds in the Aurora Butterfly of Peace Collection
The “Type” Classification System of Diamonds and Its Importance in Gemmology

Knowledge of type allows gemmologists to better evaluate if a diamond might be treated or synthetic, and whether it should be sent to a laboratory for testing.

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Characterisation and Grading of Natural-Colour Yellow Diamonds

A large number of natural-colour yellow diamonds are analysed using grading and appearance aspects among other characteristics to clarify the differences between them and the light yellow diamonds associated with GIA's D-to-Z colour grading scale.

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