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G-G Spring 2015
Spring 2015 G&G Examines Blue Spinel, Chinese Jewellery Design and the Latest in Synthetics

G&G Brief presents an overview of the content of the Spring 2015 issue of Gems & Gemology.

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1.50 ct Fancy Dark grey CVD synthetic diamond
Two Fancy Dark Grey CVD Synthetic Diamonds

Examination of two CVD synthetic diamonds with an unusual Fancy Dark grey colour.

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Fancy-Coloured Diamonds
Diamond, Artificially Irradiated and Coated Brown

Examination of a diamond with a rare and highly sought-after Fancy reddish brown colour revealed that it had been irradiated and coated.

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IMG - WN13 LN 157451 300x169
Black diamond with unusual colour origin

This black diamond's colour was produced by natural radiation stains, an unusual cause of colour.

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IMG-FA13-LN 154332 300x169
Diamond with High Concentration of Nickel

Analysis of Fancy Light greenish yellow diamond leads to detection of nickel, as well as an inclusion that gives a colour-change effect.

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Green Diamond Treated with Radioactive Salt

The stone owes all of its green colour to these shallow radiation stains.

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Large HPHT-Treated Fancy Pink Diamond

The New York lab encountered another large HPHT-treated diamond that showed stronger pink colouration.

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