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CVD synthetic diamond
CVD Synthetic Diamond with Fancy Vivid Orange Colour

Strong absorptions from N-V centres were the main cause of a CVD synthetic diamond’s pinkish orange bodycolour.

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1.50 ct Fancy Dark grey CVD synthetic diamond
Two Fancy Dark Grey CVD Synthetic Diamonds

Examination of two CVD synthetic diamonds with an unusual Fancy Dark grey colour.

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Irradiated CVD Synthetic Diamond
Heavily Irradiated CVD Synthetic Diamond

A look at the first CVD synthetic diamond examined at GIA that has been irradiated to a blue colour.

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Large synthetic moissanite with silicon carbide polytypes

Examination of the properties of a synthetic moissanite specimen submitted as a black diamond.

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A Large Irradiated Green-Yellow Diamond

GIA's identification of a large diamond as artificially irradiated based on careful spectroscopic analysis and lab database review.

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