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Chipped Diamond
How to Protect Your Diamond from Chipping

Find out more about what causes a diamond to chip, and 8 tips on how you can avoid chipping your diamond.

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Gemstone Durability: Design to Display

A treatise on the design, display, care and repair of fine gemstones.

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Pearl Care and Cleaning Guide

Learn about pearl's durability and how to care for your pearl jewellery.

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The History and Gemmology of Queen Conch "Pearls"

This article reviews the history of the conch "pearl," discusses S. gigas and its fisheries, and examines the gemmological properties and other characteristics of this attractive material.

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The Pearl in the Chicken: Pearl Recipes in Papyrus Holmiensis

Several pearl-in-chicken cleaning experiments are carried out to test the validity of recipes from an ancient Egyptian source.

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