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New Chromium- and Vanadium-Bearing Garnets from Tranoroa, Madagascar

Pyrope-spessartine garnets from Tranoroa, in southern Madagascar, contain appreciable Cr and somewhat lower V contents.

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Pink to Pinkish Orange Malaya Garnets from Bekily, Madagascar

Malaya garnets from Bekily, Madagascar, are predominantly pink to pinkish orange, with some stones orange to red.

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Garnets from Madagascar with a Colour Change of Blue-Green to Purple

Gemmological, chemical, spectroscopic and microscopic properties of blue-green colour-change garnets from a new deposit near Bekily, Madagascar, are given.

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Russian Demantoid, Czar of the Garnet Family

Demantoid, green andradite garnet, was discovered in the Central Ural Mountains of Russia in the mid-19th century.

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Unstable Radiation-Induced Yellow-Green Colour in Grossular Garnet

Exposure of some colourless to pale-hued African grossulars to either 60Co or 137Cs gamma rays turns them light yellow-green.

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Pastel Pyropes
Pastel Pyropes

Pyrope garnets occur in near-colourless to light orange and pink, as well as the familiar red.

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A Proposed New Classification for Gem-Quality Garnets

Eight garnet species are defined and methods of identification are described.

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Pyrope-Spessartine Garnets with Unusual Colour Behaviour

Unusual colour-change garnets.

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Gem Andradite Garnets

Gem-quality andradites are easy to distinguish chemically from other types of gem garnets.

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A New Classification for Red-To-Violet Garnets

An overview of previous red-to-violet garnet classification schemes and a proposal for a new one.

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