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Gemmological Properties of Near-Colourless Synthetic Diamonds

Examination of 51 colourless to near-colourless synthetic diamonds from all known sources of production confirms that they can be distinguished from similar-appearing natural diamonds on the basis of their gemmological properties.

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Synthetic Moissanite: A New Diamond Substitute

Synthetic moissanite is much closer to diamond in overall appearance and heft than any previous diamond imitation; this article reports on how to identify and characterise it.

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The GEM DiamondMaster and the Thermal Properties of Gems

Thermal properties and the potential applications of the GEM DiamondMaster in testing them.

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A Simple Approach to Detecting Diamond Simulants

Contrasting the physical properties of diamond with colourless specimens to identify the most problematic diamond simulants.

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Obtaining U.S. copyright registration for the Elara square cut-cornered brilliant diamond

The US Copyright Office granted what is believed to be the first copyright registration covering a gemstone design.

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