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Nanocut Plasmaetched Diamonds
Cutting Diffraction Gratings to Improve Dispersion (“Fire”) in Diamonds

A new microlithography process developed to create high-resolution diffraction grating patterns on portions of certain facets can improve the dispersion of light and thus the amount of “fire” in a diamond.

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A Foundation for Grading the Overall Cut Quality of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The GIA diamond cut grading system described here includes the components of brightness, fire, scintillation, polish and symmetry, as well as weight and durability concerns, into a single overall grade for cut quality for standard round brilliants.

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Rapid Sight Estimates of Diamond Cutting Quality

A diamond brilliant’s beauty is the result of a complex combination of angles and proportions. In this article, Richard Liddicoat shows gemmologists how to become familiar with how variations in cutting angles can affect a diamond’s face-up appearance.

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The Rise to Prominence of the Modern Diamond Cutting Industry in India

this article reviews the rise of the modern diamond cutting industry in India and its impact on the world diamond trade

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GIA’s Symmetry Grading Boundaries for Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

A presentation of parameters used to support GIA's symmetry grading system.

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Colour Grading “D-to-Z” Diamonds at the GIA Laboratory

This article discusses the history and ongoing development of GIA's colour grading system, and explains how its laboratory applies it.

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Legal Protection for Proprietary Diamond Cuts

Considerable confusion exists in the trade about the important differences between trademarks and patents.

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Modelling the Appearance of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: An Analysis of Fire, and More about Brilliance

This second major article in a three-dimensional modelling study analyses fire – the visible extent of light dispersed into spectral colours.

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The Cullinan Diamond Centennial: A History and Gemmological Analysis Of Cullinans I And II

Eight decades after the Cullinan diamond was mined, a team of gemmologists examined the two famous gems that were created from it to become part of the Crown Jewels of England.

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Modern Diamond Cutting and Polishing

Over the last 25 years, the diamond-cutting industry worldwide has been revolutionised by sophisticated instruments that provide invaluable aid in the process of creating a polished gem.

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