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GIA's Gübelin Gem Project: Various Gems, Barite - Cuprite

Among the collection assembled by Dr Edward Gübelin are a number of uncommon gemstones from many worldwide localities.

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Worker attaching wax forms
Shenzhen: The Frontier of China’s Gem and Jewellery Industry

All jewellery professionals are familiar with the city of Shenzhen, a global jewellery manufacturing centre and a leader of China’s fast-growing gem and jewellery industry. Join the GIA team as we tour the city and discover more about its leading jewellery brands.

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Confusing, Triangular Inclusions in an Art Deco-Style Pin
Spring 1991 G&G Lab Notes

This section, from the Spring 1991 issue of Gems & Gemmology, is a compilation of interesting finds from GIA’s laboratories.

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Russian Flux-Grown Synthetic Alexandrite

Synthetic alexandrite is being flux-grown in Russia.

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Gemstones with Alexandrite Effect

The term "alexandrite effect" refers to the apparent change of colour in certain minerals from blue-green or greenish violet in daylight to red or reddish violet in incandescent light.

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Chrysoberyl and alexandrite from the pegmatite districts of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Mining fine cat's-eye chrysoberyl and alexandrite in Brazil.

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