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Melee parcel submitted for screening.
Screening of HPHT Synthetic Melee With Natural Diamonds

A screening service allows the lab to screen for synthetic material in diamond melee parcels.

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Short-wave UV exposure’s effect on zircon colour
Tenebrescent Zircon

Colour modification is observed in a reddish orange zircon at the Bangkok laboratory.

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Chameleon diamond before and after heating
Chameleon Diamond with Nickel Absorption Band

A rare chameleon diamond is examined in GIA's Carlsbad lab.

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Zig-zag growth in synthetic ruby
Flux-Grown Synthetic Ruby with Hydrothermal Synthetic Seed Crystal

An unusual synthetic ruby, combining a hydrothermal ruby seed and flux ruby overgrowth, is examined at the Carlsbad lab.

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Fancy yellow 0.40 ct type Ib CVD-grown synthetic diamond
Yellow CVD Synthetic Diamond

A Fancy yellow type Ib CVD-grown synthetic diamond undergoes testing at the New York lab.

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Faceted wurtzite
Rare Faceted Wurtzite

A stone submitted for identification is revealed to be the first wurtzite examined by the GIA lab.

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