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Banded Mimetite

Yellow transparent mimetite - known to collectors as one of the rarest faceted stones - purchased in Tuscon and likely to originate from Bolivia.

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Coated lawsonite pseudomorphs coated to resemble chromian lawsonite
Coated Lawsonite Pseudomorphs Presented as Chromian Lawsonite

Samples composed of lawsonite pseudomorphs were coated to make them appear deep green and imitate chromian lawsonite crystals.

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Dr Gaston Giuliani
IMA General Meeting

A summary of gemmological presentations from the 21st IMA General Meeting in Johannesburg.

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IMG-FA13-GNI 154376 300x169
Unusual Epigenetic Malachite Discs in Quartz

The uncommon occurrence of epigenetic malachite, as found in this quartz, can result in vivid green colour.

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