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Scientific Instruments Help Researchers Tell Gem Stories

Scientific Instruments Help Researchers Tell Gem Stories

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Eight natural-color pistachio pearls
Identification of “Pistachio” Coloured Pearls Treated by Ballerina Pearl Co.

A report on the colour treatment process for these intensely greenish yellow to yellowish-green cultured pearls and the techniques for identifying them.

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Mining Diamonds in the Canadian Arctic: The Diavik Mine

Located near the Arctic Circle, Diavik is one of the world’s richest diamond deposits and a leader in sustainable mining.

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Faceted blue zircons
Reversible Colour Modification of Blue Zircon by Long-Wave Ultraviolet Radiation

Determines whether blue zircon, inadvertently altered to brown by exposure to long-wave UV radiation, can be restored to its original colour through the use of incandescent light.

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Jaipur, India: The Global Gem and Jewellery Power of the Pink City

Examines Jaipur’s role as a coloured stone cutting and jewellery manufacturing centre, with profiles of 17 companies and their factory, trading and retail operations.

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Two variscite cabochons from central Tajikistan
Variscite from Central Tajikistan: Preliminary Results

A look at the gemmological properties and chemical composition of this light blue to light green to green gem material, which is suitable for cabochon cutting.

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Near-colorless and Fancy Vivid purplish pink CVD synthetic diamonds
Observations on CVD-Grown Synthetic Diamonds: A Review

Explores statistical data and defining characteristics of gem-quality CVD synthetic diamonds examined by GIA since 2003.

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Fluorescence image of Aurora Butterfly of Peace
An Introduction to Photoluminescence Spectroscopy for Diamond and Its Applications in Gemmology

Presents the underlying physics and methodology of this analytical technique, which has become an essential tool in identifying treated and synthetic diamonds.

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Vanadium and Chromium-Bearing Pink Pyrope Garnet: Characterisation and Quantitative Colorimetric Analysis

This type of pink pyrope garnet, believed to have been mined in Tanzania, shows a distinct colour-change phenomenon resulting from its unique chemical composition.

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A notebook, pen, mobile phone with compass app and a digital camera sit on top of a map.
The Stories Behind the Photos: A Gigantic Aquamarine and ‘Gaudy’ Nature

Gemmological photojournalist Robert Weldon shares the stories behind some of his favourite photos.

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