GIA Report Results API

The secure, dependable way to integrate trusted GIA grading and analysis results into your application or website. Specifically designed for gem and jewellery producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders and retailers.

The Problem

You need access to the trusted data that appears on GIA grading and analysis reports in a reliable and secure manner.

Customers today demand that the information they use to inform their purchasing decisions is complete, timely and accurate.

Antiquated methods used to handle data exchanges, such as manually entering or uploading spreadsheets, are cumbersome, costly and error-prone processes that can erode trust between your suppliers and customers. You need a service that is easy to integrate into your internal stock system to populate your e-commerce site with report data or display PDFs of GIA reports on your website.

The Solution

The GIA Report Results API enables you to verify and download the results of nearly every GIA grading and analysis report into your systems in a stable, reliable and speedy manner.

With this service, you can integrate your systems directly with GIA and avoid manually entering or uploading results from non-GIA sources.

The system is engineered for high availability and fast response times, and offers the ability to retrieve report assets including PDFs, images and the rough and polished videos included with the GIA Diamond Origin Report.


Product Features

Comprehensive Data

Retrieve grading and/or analysis results for:

  • Natural diamond reports
  • Coloured natural diamond reports
  • Natural diamond origin reports
  • Coloured stone reports
  • Pearl reports
  • Melee analysis results
  • Laboratory-grown diamond reports

All fields on the grading reports with full text (e.g. “Excellent”) and abbreviated text are available (e.g. “EX”) as well as proportions, dimensions and more.

High-Quality Report Assets

In each report look up, you can retrieve individual assets within the results.

PDF Facsimile
Most reports
Proportions Diagram
Most diamond reports

Plotting Diagram
Diamond Grading, Coloured Diamond Grading and Diamond Origin Reports

Digital Image
Coloured diamonds and coloured stones

Rough Image
Diamond Origin Reports
Rough Video
Diamond Origin Reports

Polished Image
Diamond Origin Reports
Polished Video
Diamond Origin Reports

Most reports

The availability of assets depends upon the type of report. For more information, see the comparisons of GIA reports for natural diamonds, coloured natural diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds, coloured stones and pearls.

Superior Engineering

GIA recognises that availability and performance are critical. This service is hosted by redundant data centres across the globe. We’ve built a system that maximises uptime so that you always have access to the data you need. You can track our live uptime and performance statistics at

How it Works

Your developers will compose a query, submit it to the API and parse the results, using standard development tools and libraries. We provide complete documentation and example applications in a variety of programming languages to make it easy for your developers to integrate the programme with your systems.

Get Started

  1. Login to your GIA Client Portal

    1. If you do not already have a lab account click here to open a laboratory service account

  2. Apply for Report Results API Access (located under Useful Links in your GIA Client Portal)

  3. Build your integration using our sandbox environment immediately at no cost

  4. Purchase report look-ups when you are ready to go live

Resources for Getting Started:

Get API Keys


View API Docs


Pricing Options


Build and test your integration with our core set of sample reports. These reports reflect the variety of results you can expect with the API. You can query all data fields and assets in these sample reports from the sandbox.

Pay as you go

When you are ready to retrieve results from the full set of grading reports, we offer a pay-as-you-go option of US $0.20 (twenty cents) per report look-up. This plan is simple and straightforward: you can purchase as many or as few as you need with no monthly commitment. Unused look-ups expire on the date specified at the time of purchase.

Volume Pricing*

*Pricing for all the monthly plans below are reduced to US $1.00 until 31 December 2020. Find out more here.

GIA offers volume pricing. These plans allow you to look up reports up to a maximum limit for a set monthly price. Unused look-ups do not roll over to the next month.

Plan Name Maximum Look-ups per Month Monthly Price Look-ups as Low As
Monthly-10k 10,000 US $1,000/month US $0.10 (50% less than pay as you go price)
Monthly-25k 25,000 US $1,750/month US $0.07 (65% less than pay as you go price)
Monthly-50k 50,000 US $3,000/month US $0.06 (70% less than pay as you go price)
Monthly-100k 100,000 US $5,000/month US $0.05 (75% below pay as you go price)
Monthly-250k 250,000 US $10,000/month US $0.04 (80% below pay as you go price)
Monthly-500k 500,000 US $15,000/month US $0.03 (85% below pay as you go price)

Is the GIA Report Results API Right for Me?

This API is ideal for companies that:

  • Require automatic downloads of grading and analysis results into their systems
  • Have access to developers or IT resources


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