Analysis & grading

Shipping Diamonds to GIA’s Laboratory in Antwerp

Required Documents

You’ll need to prepare and submit several documents to GIA before sending your diamonds. Required documents include:

  • A list or Excel file with the specific details of each stone including carat weight, shape, value, reference number (if applicable) and service(s) requested.

  • A pro forma invoice. Note that the total weight and value must correspond with the total weight and value of the list or Excel file you submit.

  • If you are not an existing client, please create a new account prior to your first submission.

  • If you are an existing client, please include your account number on all documents and correspondence.

Note: Each diamond parcel paper should be numbered based on the order of the list or Excel file. The accuracy and completeness of these documents are essential to avoid any potential loss of time and additional costs incurred during import and export.

These documents should be sent via email to or by fax on +32 3 432 84 01

Preparing Your Shipment

Once the required documents have been sent, you can prepare and ship your diamonds to GIA’s laboratory in Antwerp. Please note that this laboratory location only accepts loose, polished diamonds. Diamonds must be in a clean condition (deep boiled).

Once the required documents have been sent and your package has been securely prepared, please send the package of diamonds with a copy of the pro forma invoice to:

GIA Belgium
Hoveniersstraat 51, 1st floor
B-2018 Antwerp

Shipping Tips, Additional Fees and Insurance Information

  • To avoid any damage in transit, pack each diamond in a separate parcel paper with the exact weight of the stone noted on the parcel paper.

  • Check with your local shipping agent for shipping procedures, as customs regulations may vary from country to country.

  • A charge is levied by the Diamond Office for Import/Export formalities (0.035% for Import and 0.0175% for the Re-Export) based on the pro forma value. GIA will advance this charge, but this charge will appear on your final invoice for payment.

  • If shipments are under- or over-valued or if there is any other misinformation, customs may not accept the pro-forma and a fine may be imposed by customs at your expense.

  • Diamonds are insured once they are received at GIA and up and until they leave the laboratory. You must provide insurance during shipment for both sending and return.

Payment and Return

  • GIA Antwerp will only release your stones once we receive full payment of the invoice.

  • A copy of the invoice and payment receipt for the services performed on the stones will be included in the return shipment.

  • GIA will return the diamonds in the same manner and with the same courier as the initial forwarding shipment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the courier of your choice handles diamond shipments as per official legislative requirements. We are not able to accept instructions to return diamonds under the guise of documents or other goods.

For questions about shipping, please contact us.