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How to Pay for Laboratory Services with a Credit Card

You can pay for lab services with a credit card by logging into the GIA Client Portal and adding your credit card information as your preferred method of payment. GIA laboratory locations will be accepting credit cards in the following phases:

  • 1 May 2020 – United States, Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel
  • Coming soon – India
  • Coming soon – Japan, South Africa and Thailand
Note that credit card payments will not be supported in Botswana.


All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. International credit cards including JCB and Union Pay will be accepted as well. You can update your preferred method of payment at any time through the GIA Client Portal. Please note that if you have paid by a credit card previously, you will still need to log into your portal to continue paying via credit card.


Credit card information must be provided via the GIA Client Portal in order to use this payment method. We are not able to process a physical credit card on-site nor will a Client Services Representative be able to add your credit card information for you.

Only one credit card can be active on each account and will be used at all GIA locations where you do business with a GIA laboratory. By indicating that your preferred method of payment is credit card, GIA will charge your credit card every time your stones are released and an invoice is generated. For example, if you come into the laboratory several times during a day to pick up different jobs your credit card on file will be charged each time the stones are released. Outstanding balances on your account cannot be paid via credit card.

If your credit card is declined, you will need to pay your invoice via an alternative acceptable method of payment. GIA also accepts cheques, money orders and electronic payments through banks, including bank transfers.


Monthly statements will be sent on the first business day of the month and will reflect the open invoices and total balance not yet paid as of the end of the previous month. You can request details of unpaid invoices from your client services representative. Statements will be delivered either electronically via email or by post based on client preference. You may provide and update your email contact information and preference specifically for billing and statements (for up to four recipients) through the GIA Client Portal.


Who is allowed to pay for laboratory services by credit card?
Any legal representative or authorised individual of the client as recorded on the GIA Client Portal is allowed to pay by credit card only at the time stones are ready to be returned and the invoice is generated for the services related to those stones.

Is there a limit to the amount that a client can pay by credit card?
There is no minimum or maximum sum that GIA will accept via credit card. Payment is accepted up to the cardholder’s available credit card limit. A credit card, as a method of payment, is only acceptable when stones are ready to be returned.

What if my credit/debit card has been lost or stolen?
If your card has been lost or stolen, you can log into your account on the GIA Client Portal to manage your payment methods and update your credit card information.

How will GIA protect my credit card information?
GIA has contracted with a credit card processor that uses a tokenisation process to help protect payment card data. The secure tokenisation process replaces the payment card account number with a unique string of numbers (referred to as a token), to limit the use of the payment card account number during transaction processing.

Can I receive my statement electronically?
Yes, please log into your GIA Client Portal and update your statement preferences. Thank you for going green!

Can I change my preferred method of payment at any time?
Yes, you may update your preferred method of payment at your convenience by logging into your account on the GIA Client Portal.