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Celebrating G&G’s 80th Year and the Artistry of Harold and Erica Van Pelt

The exhibit’s location at the GIA library entrance
Opening reception for the G&G museum exhibition
On 11 June, G&G contributors, supporters and staff toasted the opening of the new GIA Museum exhibition, “The Beauty of Science: Gems & Gemology Celebrates 80 Years, Featuring the Artistry of Harold and Erica Van Pelt”. The exhibition spotlights gems and jewellery featured on selected G&G covers since 1981. The cover photos are the work of the Van Pelts, the husband-and-wife team who contributed nearly three decades of photography to the journal’s pages. In addition to gathering treasures from the Smithsonian and other sources, the collection offers intriguing examples of cutting-edge research, locality reports and industry coverage over the years. The exhibition runs until 14 December.