Press release

GIA Notifies Trade of Potential Undisclosed Diamond Treatment

CARLSBAD, Calif. – 12 May 2015 – Approximately 500 colourless to near-colourless diamonds submitted primarily to GIA’s grading laboratory in Ramat Gan, Israel, were potentially subjected to an undisclosed temporary treatment.
GIA believes that the treatment temporarily masks the body colour of the diamond, resulting in a colour grade that can be up to three grades higher than its actual grade.
The Institute has terminated client agreements with the companies that submitted the diamonds in question and has notified appropriate trade bodies.
The report numbers of the potentially treated stones are posted on GIA’s website. Anyone who has purchased or has access to any of these diamonds is asked to submit them to any GIA lab for a no-cost, expedited review. 
For press inquiries, please contact Stephen Morisseau at or +1 760-603-4411.

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