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GIA to Host Mystery Gem Quiz at JCK Las Vegas

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Photo by Orasa Weldon; © GIA.
Visitors to GIA’s stand at JCK Las Vegas will be given clues about the three mystery gems in the “Pantone Pink” display.

Exclusive on-stand briefings, synthetic diamond display, coloured stone services, educational seminars and more

LAS VEGAS – 11 May 2016 – GIA will host an exciting gem quiz, colourful museum display, synthetic diamond display and exclusive on-stand briefings on the industry’s hottest topics at its stand (L99) during the 2016 JCK Las Vegas show, 3-6 June. The Institute will also offer a show service lab for coloured stones, education seminars on diamond treatments and synthetics, and much more. More details are available on GIA’s website. Show highlights include:
Show Service Laboratory
The GIA Show Service Laboratory gives show attendees convenient access to gem identification and country-of-origin services for coloured stones. GIA will accept gemstones at Palm G (Level 3 of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino) from Thursday to Sunday, 2-5 June from 9 am to 5 pm; and Monday, 6 June from 9 am to noon. Temporary reports will be printed on site, with permanent reports sent after the show. For more information, contact us.   
Synthetic Diamonds Display
Synthetic diamonds grown by the HPHT and CVD methods have become available in the jewellery trade. Colourless and coloured crystals up to several carats in size, and cut stones of up to about two carats, are being produced. GIA’s laboratory can identify all known synthetic diamonds. The Institute will display a variety of samples – including  large colourless and coloured rough HPHT, large colourless and coloured faceted HPHT, rough CVD, faceted CVD, rough HPHT melee, and faceted HPHT melee diamonds – side-by-side with natural diamonds at its stand L99 during the show.
GIA In-Booth Briefings
For the fifth year in a row, GIA will host a series of free 20-minute on-stand briefings where Institute experts cover some of the industry’s most relevant topics. The briefings will take place from Friday, 3 June to Sunday, 5 June at stand L99. Presentations will cover auctions, gem photography using a smartphone, marketing tips and tools, synthetic diamonds and much more.
Education Seminars
GIA will host two educational seminars at Tradewinds E/F, Pool Level of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Tuition for each is $225. Previous gemological training and/or experience is recommended and pre-registration is required. To register, call +1 760 603 4000 , ext. 4001.
Identifying Diamond Treatments
Friday, 3 June, 9 to 11 am
This dynamic presentation and a hands-on lab led by GIA instructors and staff will present information on the nature and treatment of diamonds, including laser-drilled, fracture-filled, HPHT, irradiation and multiple-treatment processes.
Identifying Synthetic Diamonds
Friday, 3 June, 1:30 to 3:30 pm
This dynamic presentation and a hands-on lab led by GIA instructors and staff will present information on HPHT and CVD-grown synthetic diamonds and how to separate them from natural diamond.
Alumni Bungalow at “JCK Rocks the Beach”
Sunday, 5 June, 8:30 to 11 pm
The GIA Alumni Association is hosting a cabana – Bungalow 1 – at The Beach at Mandalay Bay during “JCK Rocks the Beach”, featuring award-winning band Train. Event attendees are encouraged to stop by to network and mingle with GIA alumni and industry members from across the globe. The event is open to all JCK badge holders; tickets are based on a first-come, first-served basis on Friday and Sunday at the show’s Ticket Centres.
GIA Gem Quiz
Striking Gold. Heavenly Blue. Pantone Pink. With the aid of intriguing clues, participants in GIA’s Gem Quiz will test their gem knowledge by naming nine mystery gems featured in three colourful displays. The identities of the mystery gems and the contestants with all nine correct answers will be revealed on 5 June at 4 pm. Winners will receive a limited edition GIA pen − and bragging rights.


* JCK Las Vegas attendees who submit an answer sheet at the GIA stand between 3/6/2016 and 5/6/2016, and are at least 18 years old are eligible to enter; Entries must be received by 5/6/2016; Gemological Institute of America Inc., The Robert Mouawad Campus, 5345 Armada Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008; []; VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. WHILE PRIZE SUPPLIES LAST.

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