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Jewels of Hollywood

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Photo: Orasa Weldon/GIA, Courtesy of the Kazanjian Foundation

Actor Clark Gable (1901-1960) gifted his third wife, Carol Lombard, a gold compact case with rubies, sapphires, demantoid garnets and diamonds that frame the initials "LG" for Lombard and Gable (left). Clark Gable's gold bangle set with rubies and diamonds signed "Trabert & Hoeffer / Mauboussin", circa 1940s (centre). Actress Faye Dunaway's (b. 1941) brooch with 15 carats of diamonds and 5 carats of emeralds set in platinum (right).

The majesty and mystique of Hollywood has captivated audiences for more than a century. As the area became home to multiple film studios, the name itself became synonymous with glamour and luxury. By the 1930s, which ushered in the Golden Age of Hollywood, directors were lionised and stars – male and female alike – became objects of adoration and emulation.

Then as now, jewellery and objets d’artplayed an important role in the private lives of Hollywood’s leading men and ladies, as well as in those of the moguls who controlled their destinies behind the scenes.

This exhibition, on loan from the Kazanjian Foundation, showcases some of the jewels associated with Hollywood royalty of decades past. It is a window into the lives and loves of some of the entertainment industry’s most iconic members.

A tiara of 765 old cut diamonds set in platinum.

Visit the museum to view the full exhibition and see personalised pieces owned by Eva Gabor, Clark Gable and Bob Hope, Faye Dunaway's diamond and emerald brooch, Bing Crosby's cufflinks and many other unique artefacts.