Feature Gems & Gemology, Winter 1996, Volume 32, No. 4

Enstatite, Cordierite, Kornerupine, and Scapolite with Unusual Properties from Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka

Gem-quality enstatite, cordierite, kornerupine, and scapolite with unusual properties have been recovered from alluvial deposits in the region of Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka. The occurrence of almost pure, completely colorless, enstatite appears to be unique in the world. The cordierites are also usually colorless and nonpleochroic. The diversity in the properties of kornerupine is mainly due to variations in the ratio of magnesium to iron. The strong “canary" yellow fluorescence of scapolites from this locality has not been observed in scapolites from other sources in Sri Lanka.