Book Review Gems & Gemology, Fall 2001, Volume 37, No. 3

Fall 2001 G&G Book Reviews

“Gemstones—Quality and Value, Vol. 3: Jewelry”
By Yasukazu Suwa, 144 pp., illus., publ. by Sekai Bunka Publishing, Tokyo, 2001. US$95.00
“Mogôk: Valley of Rubies & Sapphires”
By Ted Themelis, 270 pp., illus., publ. by A & T Publishing, Los Angeles, 2000. US$89.00
“Southwest Silver Jewelry”
By Paula A. Baxter, 212 pp., illus., publ. by Schiffer Publishing, Atglen, PA, 2001. US$49.95
“Jewelry Wax Modeling— A Practical Guide for the Jewelry Model Maker”
By Adolfo Mattiello, 161 pp., illus., publ. by Du-Matt Corp., Guttenberg, NJ, 1999. US$38.95
“Western Queensland Opals— Exploration and Geoscience Data Sets”
CD-ROM, Queensland Government Department of Mines and Energy, 2000, free of charge [e-mail:]
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