GIA GemKids Programme

The GIA GemKids Program is a dazzling introduction to gemology designed to excite children’s curiosity about the world of gems and minerals.

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GemKids Webinar

Schedule your class to participate in a GIA GemKids Zoom Webinar.

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Schedule a GIA GemKids Webinar

Taught via a Zoom Webinar, the GIA GemKids Program introduces students to gems and minerals through live instruction and a colorful presentation.

This program complements existing school district science programs with information about plate tectonics, the rock cycle, geology, and mineralogy. Grades 4-6 are eligible. Program is free.

Class schedule

Students working with GemKids materials.

Classes are hosted Tuesday through Thursday.
Please register two weeks in advance in order to receive workbooks.

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A teacher shines a light on a gemstone for her students

Resources for Teachers

GIA provides free presentations for teachers, each designed to engage students and inform them about gems and minerals.

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GemKids Presentations

The GemKids Program is invaluable to educators and anyone who wishes to share the fascinating world of gems, minerals and jewelry with today’s youth, in or out of the classroom. Select from a variety of learning materials designed to captivate your audience.


Birthstones of the Year

Presentation materials available for download range from an introduction to birthstones to information on how diamonds form.

Content for Download
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GemKids website

GIA’s GemKids website offers students, parents and teachers easy access to interactive online gemology and geology education.

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GIA GemKids Website

The GIA GemKids site, although geared towards children aged 9-12, is not just for kids. Parents and educators will find it equally engaging and have a great time sharing it with children. This interactive online gemology, geology, and jewelry education site is an exciting way for both adults and children to explore the world of gems and jewelry together.

Explore the world of gems

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Travel through time to learn about the history of gems and jewelry.

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