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GIA Laboratory Alerts

Counterfeit Inscriptions Identified

23 February 2021 – Recently, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) encountered a number of stones that had been submitted for updated reports or verification services that did not match the GIA report submitted with them. Consistent with GIA’s mission to protect consumers and ensure their trust in gems and jewellery, the Institute overwrites the counterfeit inscription with Xs; issues a new, accurate report; and inscribes the newly submitted stone with the number of the new report.

Read the press release here.

Altered Reports Invalidated

25 November 2015 – To address concerns in the trade following GIA’s action to invalidate potentially altered grading reports, GIA will offer a no-cost confirmation service for any diamond grading report originally issued between 1 November 2014 and 31 October 2015. All requests for the no-cost update service must be received by GIA by 30 January 2016.

To submit a diamond and its existing report for confirmation service, please contact your client service representative.

Read the press release here.

26 October 2015 – GIA has updated the list of 1,042 invalidated diamond grading reports with the client accounts that submitted the diamonds in question.

Download the list of invalidated reports here

23 October 2015 – GIA has invalidated 1,042 diamond grading reports that were altered by an outside party who gained unauthorised remote access to GIA’s grading information database before the reports were printed and provided to the submitting clients. Anyone in possession of any of these grading reports or diamonds is strongly requested to return them immediately to GIA.

To find out more about this issue, read the 23 Oct 2015 press release and the 26 Oct 2015 update.

Diamonds with Temporary Colour Treatments

25 July 2015 – The list of diamonds submitted to GIA that were potentially treated to temporarily improve colour grades has been updated. The report numbers of the diamonds returned for re-grading have been removed. We urge all clients and trade organisations to assist in resubmitting the remaining diamonds.

Download the list of updated reports.