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Available reports

Pearl Identification Report for Natural Pearls

Pearl Identification Report

Details quantity, weight, size, shape, colour, origin, mollusk, environment and detectable treatments. For loose, mounted or strung pearls.

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Pearl Classification Report

Pearl Classification Report

Includes all Identification Report information, plus lustre, surface and matching, if applicable. For loose, mounted or strung nacreous pearls.

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Cultured Pearl Classification Report for cultured pearls

Cultured Pearl Classification Report

Includes a detailed classification of cultured pearl(s) based on the GIA 7 Pearl Value Factors™ (size, shape, colour, lustre, surface, nacre and matching). For loose, mounted or strung pearls.

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Pearl services

Add-On Services

GIA Add-On Services give you further information on your pearl.

Follow-Up Services

GIA Follow-Up Services verify, re-evaluate or update results from your original GIA Report.

Specialty Services

GIA Specialty Services offer further analysis and information on your noteworthy pearls.

Batch Services

GIA Batch Services utilise GIA-developed technology to analyse and sort pearls based on varying test types.


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