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JCK Las Vegas 2016

JCK Las Vegas 2015 Booth

Here’s your chance to connect with GIA staff, alumni and fellow industry members in a dynamic setting. Visit GIA at stand L99, in the Level 1 Lobby, for valuable on-stand presentations, product demos, GIA Museum-curated gem and synthetic diamond displays, and the chance to save on instruments during the show. You can also drop off your coloured stones at the GIA Show Service Laboratory, conveniently open a day before the show starts. Here’s a peek at what’s in store.


GIA will offer quick, convenient access to gem identification and origin services for coloured stones during the show. Drop off your gemstones in room Palm G, Level 3 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

2-5 June: 9 am to 5 p.m. (opens a day before the show)
6 June: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The following reports services will be available:
GIA Coloured Stone Identification Reports for ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, tourmaline, spinel, jade and all other coloured stones
GIA Coloured Stone Identification and Origin Reports for ruby, sapphire, emerald, Paraíba tourmaline and red spinel

Temporary reports will be printed on site, with permanent reports sent after the show.

GIA Show Service Laboratory will not accept diamonds for grading services at JCK.

Come prepared and save time. Plan ahead for submitting stones to the GIA Show Service Laboratory here.

For more information, call (+1) 760 603 4517.


Synthetic diamonds grown by the HPHT and CVD methods have become available in the jewellery trade. Colourless and coloured crystals up to several carats in size, and cut stones of up to about two carats, are being produced. GIA’s laboratory can identify all known synthetic diamonds. The Institute will display a variety of samples – including large colourless and coloured rough HPHT, large colourless and coloured faceted HPHT, rough CVD, faceted CVD, rough HPHT melee and faceted HPHT melee diamonds – side-by-side with natural diamonds at its stand L99 during the show. 


GIA will host a series of free 20-minute on-stand briefings where GIA experts will share insights on some of the industry’s most relevant topics. The briefings will take place on the stand from 3-5 June and several will be repeated.
Coloured Stone Challenges in the GIA Laboratory
Shane McClure, Global Director, Coloured Stone Services
Friday, 3 June, 11 am
Hear a first-hand account of how the GIA laboratory stays current with the ever-evolving treatments and new discoveries in the world of coloured stones.
Hit the Branding Jackpot: Free Tools to Raise Your Marketing Game
Kristin Mahan, Manager, Public Relations; Shayne Ebrahimi, Manager, Social Media; Tali Nay, Manager, Retailer Support Programme
Friday, 3 June, 2 pm
Saturday, 4 June, 3 pm
Discover tools that will help you to enhance your marketing campaigns and customer experience with three experts who’ve tested their tips and know the winning combination.
Auction Insights: Mega Diamonds Shatter Records
Russell Shor, Senior Industry Analyst
Friday, 3 June, 3 pm
Sunday, 5 June, 3 pm
Get an industry insider’s perspective on the record-breaking auction season, featuring photos of once-in-a-lifetime diamonds.
The Latest on Synthetic Diamonds
James Shigley, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Fellow
Saturday, 4 June, 11 am
Sunday, 5 June, 1 pm
Hear about the status of gem-quality synthetic diamonds in the market and the methods used at GIA to detect them.
View the on-stand display of HPHT and CVD synthetic diamonds, both rough and faceted, examined by GIA.
Lifehack Gem and Jewellery Photography with Your Smartphone
Robert Weldon, Manager, Photography & Visual Communications
Saturday, 4 June, 2 pm
Sunday, 5 June, 11 am
Need a quick way to photograph your merchandise with professional results? Discover some guaranteed tips and techniques for mastering mobile photography from an expert. 
New at the GIA Laboratory
Phillip Yantzer, Vice President of Laboratory Services
Saturday, 4 June, 4 pm
Sunday, 5 June, 2 pm
Find out how GIA’s laboratory is rising to the challenges facing our industry with an update on its mission-driven research and grading services.  
Unmasking the Mystery Stones of the GIA Gem Quiz
Terri Ottaway, Museum Curator; McKenzie Santimer, Manager, Museum Exhibitions & In-Kind Gifts
Sunday, 5 June, 4 pm
All will be revealed as the GIA museum team takes you inside the exhibits that inspired the GIA Gem Quiz*. Discover the names of the nine mystery stones and find out if you aced the challenge.
Schedule and briefings subject to change.


To register for the seminars below, call GIA Admissions on (+1) 760 603 4001.

Identifying Diamond Treatments 
Previous gemmological training and/or experience recommended.
Length: 2 Hours
Type: Lecture/Lab

This dynamic presentation and a hands-on lab led by GIA instructors and staff will present information on the nature and treatment of diamonds, including laser-drilled, fracture-filled, HPHT, irradiation and multiple-treatment processes.

Friday, 3 June, 9 - 11 am
Tradewinds E/F, Pool Level, Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Tuition: $225

Identifying Synthetic Diamonds
Previous gemmological training and/or experience recommended.
Length: 2 Hours
Type: Lecture/Lab

This dynamic presentation and a hands-on lab led by GIA instructors and staff will present information on HPHT and CVD-grown synthetic diamonds and how to separate them from natural diamond.

Friday, 3 June, 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Tradewinds E/F, Pool Level, Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Tuition: $225


GIA is offering its DLScope Professional with Overhead Lamp at a special low price during the show. Used by grading professionals, researchers and discerning retailers, this indispensable package is now more affordable than ever at $3,695. Save $1,495. (Regular price: $5,190)


GIA DiamondCheck™ is intended to examine colourless stones in the D-to-N range. It identifies natural, untreated diamonds and refers stones that may be treated or synthetic for further analysis. GIA DiamondCheck™ is based on the same technology and processes used at GIA.


Sign up as a client for laboratory services to submit diamonds, coloured stones and pearls at any one of the 12 locations worldwide. GIA staff will be on hand to explain the many digital and over-the-counter report services designed to support the gem and jewellery industry with the confidence and knowledge of 85 years of gemmological research, education and impartial gem identification.


Register your retail location on GIA’s Retailer Lookup. Customers worldwide can access the Retailer Lookup − by downloading the consumer 4Cs app or visiting − to find retailers near them who carry GIA-graded diamonds or have GIA-trained staff. Sign up at the stand and receive an elegant wall poster about diamonds in the post after the show. Find out more about this free offer and many more helpful tools that are available through this unique programme.


Take a fun gem quiz when you visit the GIA booth. Correctly name the nine mystery gems on display in the three colour-themed showcases. Intriguing clues will help you along the way. The identities of the mystery gems and players with all nine correct will be revealed by the GIA Museum team on 5 June at 4 pm. Winners will receive a GIA pen with a touchscreen pointer − and bragging rights.

Feeling social? Join in on the fun by sharing your experience with #GIAGemQuiz. 

JCK Las Vegas attendees who submit a ballot at the GIA booth between 3/6/2016 and 5/6/2016, and are at least 18 years old are eligible to enter; Entries must be received by 5/6/2016; Gemological Institute of America Inc., The Robert Mouawad Campus, 5345 Armada Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008;; VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. WHILE PRIZE SUPPLIES LAST. 


Don't forget to visit GIA's alumni cabana − Bungalow 1 − during "JCK Rocks the Beach" to network and mingle with GIA graduates and industry members. The Sunday evening JCK event, with headline performer TRAIN, is open to all JCK badge holders. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at JCK show ticket centres on Friday and Sunday.

Admission to JCK Las Vegas is limited to those in the gem and jewellery industry.


Visit JCK online, or call (+1) 203 840 5684.