Comprehensive CAD/CAM For Jewellery Certificate

This course covers the skills necessary to become a CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technician. Skills taught include using CAD software to develop models and photorealistic renderings. Topics covered also include subtractive and additive CAM machines, jewellery manufacturing techniques, GIA's Quality Assurance Benchmarks and jewellery-engineering fundamentals.

What You'll Learn

  • Create CAD models within the metrics of scale, proportion and element relationships
  • Develop CAD models within the constraints of cost, time, size, style and manufacturing methods
  • Distinguish between various CAD software and various CAM methods, including 3D printing
  • Model and render manufacturable pieces of jewellery using CAD

Possible Career Paths

  • CAD Service Bureau Technician
  • Jewelry CAD Technician
  • Product Developer
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Topics Covered

Here are some of the topics covered in Comprehensive CAD/CAM for Jewelry.

Program Detail Icon Computer Design 312x74 COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN

Model jewellery in 3D using CAD software. 


Create photorealistic images of your 3D designs. 


Learn how technology can transform digital designs into physical prototypes. 


Apply CAD engineering parameters to create jewellery that is built to last. 

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