Lab Class

Basic Repair and Setting Lab

Learn essential bench jewellery skills in just five days

Through hands-on training at your own fully-equipped workbench and under the watchful eye of an experienced bench jeweller, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set basic four and six-prong settings with round stones
  • Size rings
  • Tighten stones
  • Assemble and solder settings and shanks
  • Work with sterling silver and carat golds
  • Recognise and evaluate quality craftsmanship using GIA’s Quality Assurance Benchmarks

The class also covers:

  •     Efficient methods for finishing pieces produced with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology
  •     Polishing skills for specific metals
  •     Basic laser-welding techniques
  •     Supplemental information about working with stones and contemporary metals

All tools and materials will be provided for you.  You get to keep all digital course materials for future reference.

What you earn

  • Letter of Completion