2021 Continuing Education Modules

Complete all eight modules by 31 December 2021 to receive your Continuing Education Recognition Programme participation acknowledgment.

Assignment 1 Release Date: 1/2/2021

Natural Blue Diamond

Natural blue diamonds are among the most valuable and famous of fancy colour diamonds. From the Hope diamond with its fiery phosphorescence to hydrogen-rich diamonds with their intriguing Alexandrite effect, blue diamonds have always captured our imagination. Dr Sally Magaña, GIA Senior Manager of Diamond Identification, explores the science of blue diamonds.

Assignment 2 Release Date: 1/3/2021

Montana Sapphires

Montana’s wealth of gem deposits has earned it the nickname “The Treasure State”, and chief among its bounty is the magnificent sapphire. Most Montana sapphires recovered in the 1800s were destined for industrial use. But in the late 1900s, the introduction of heat treatment processes made Montana sapphire one of the most important American-mined gems. Join GIA researchers Aaron Palke and Nathan Renfro as they unearth the history, geology and gemmology of these stunning jewels

Assignment 3 Release Date: 5/4/2021


Often referred to as “the king of gems”, rubies have been passionately sought after for centuries. Coveted by ancient royals and modern celebrities alike, they are now mined across the globe. Join us as Wim Vertriest, GIA’s supervisor of field gemmology, takes us on a journey to many of the world’s most important ruby deposits and discusses the challenges facing those who seek out these scarlet treasures.

Assignment 4 Release Date: 3/5/2021

Engagement Rings

The tradition of giving an engagement ring has a long history, but it wasn't always romantic or sentimental. The earliest betrothal rings signified ownership. So when did they become the symbol of love and commitment we all recognise today? Join GIA Instructor of Gemmology Kate Waterman as she discusses the history of these significant jewellery items, as well as the styles and trends of rings throughout the ages.

Assignment 5 Release Date: 6/7/2021

Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection

The Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection was created with a mission to educate and encourage the enjoyment of fine-colored gems, minerals, and jewelry to those in the trade as well as the general public. The collection will soon be on display at the new Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum, located at the historic Pima County Courthouse in downtown Tucson, Arizona. A team from GIA was privileged to get an inside view with curator Shelly Sergent. Join us as she presents highlights from Somewhere in the Rainbow.