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GIA Alumni Association: Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Gemesis CVD laboratory-grown diamonds ranging in size from 0.24 ct - 0.90 ct. Photo by Robert Weldon

Presenter: Ellen Barrie, research associate at GIA

High-quality diamonds produced in laboratories are becoming more available in today’s jewellery marketplace than ever before. GIA researchers’ experience, coupled with advanced technology, enables GIA to positively identify laboratory-grown diamonds and separate them from natural gems. During this presentation, GIA will offer more insight into what laboratory-grown diamonds are and how they are currently being formed.

Ellen Barrie is a research associate at GIA in Antwerp. After obtaining a master’s degree in geology in 2013 from KU Leuven in Belgium, she entered the diamond industry in Antwerp. In 2017, she joined GIA, where her area of expertise is the detection of laboratory-grown and colour-treated diamonds.


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